Regulatory Framework for Air Emissions

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Table of Contents

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Executive Summary

  1. The Clean Air Regulatory Agenda
  2. Regulatory Framework for Industrial Air Emissions
    1. Overview
    2. Equivalency Agreements
    3. Regulatory Framework for Greenhouse Gas Emissions
    4. Regulatory Framework for Air Pollutant Emissions
    5. Compliance, Penalties, and Enforcement
    6. Air Quality Objectives
    7. Anticipated Benefits and Impacts of Regulating Industry
    8. Next Steps
  3. Actions for Transportation Sources
    1. Emissions from the Sector
    2. Regulating the Fuel Consumption of Motor Vehicles
    3. Regulating the Rail Sector
    4. Regulating the Marine and Aviation Sectors
    5. Regulations to Reduce Air Pollutant Emissions from On-Road and Off-Road Vehicles and Engines
  4. Actions on Consumer and Commercial Products
    1. Energy Efficiency Standards
    2. Volatile Organic Compound Emissions
  5. Regulatory Framework for Improvement of Indoor Air Quality
  6. Conclusion

Annex: "Business-as-Usual" Projection