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Track 2 - Life Cycle Management

The federal government will identify toxic substances and other substances of concern subject to management under Track 2 through a variety of existing programs. Substances that do not satisfy all four criteria in Table 1 are candidates for full life-cycle management to prevent or minimize their release into the environment.

Management strategies, including pollution prevention, pollution control, remediation, and, in the case of sources outside Canada, international action, will be based on a life cycle approach. Risk assessment and risk management approaches will be used to identify Track 2 substances and management options. Risk assessment estimates the degree and likelihood of adverse effects resulting from exposure to a substance in the environment. Risk management is the process of selecting and implementing management actions on an assessed risk, taking into account a wide range of legal, economic and social factors. These factors will be considered in setting long-term environmental goals for Track 2 substances, as well as for selecting strategies and time lines to achieve these goals.

Pollution control and remediation strategies may be used to achieve the objective set for Track 2 substances. However, pollution prevention is often the most cost effective management strategy and in such cases will be promoted by the federal government as the preferred approach for Track 2 substances.

A Track 2 substance in the environment as a result of human activity relating to specific products, uses or releases may be targeted for virtual elimination from the environment if it poses unacceptable risks to the environment or human health. Elements and naturally occurring substances that are used or released as a result of human activity may be targeted under Track 2 for reduction to naturally occurring levels.

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