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Adjunct Professor, Department of Biology, University of Saskatchewan

Advisor, graduate students and postdoctorate fellows (16 M.Sc.; 10 Ph.D.; 5 PDF)

Subject Editor, Avian Conservation & Ecology; Associate Editor, The Auk; Associate Editor, Wetlands; Guest Editor, Israeli Journal of Ecology & Evolution (2007-2008)


Jamie Smith Memorial Mentoring Award in Ornithology (2007)

Ph.D., McGill University


Robert Clark

Research Scientist - Applied Avian Ecology

CURRENT S&T / RESEARCH - Contributing to Environment Canada’s mandate to ensure wildlife is conserved and protected

  • Applied avian ecology: linking ecological theory to real-life problems
  • Assessment of factors affecting habitat use and reproductive success in birds, and their relation to habitat management programs
  • Impacts of climate, habitat and individual quality on survival variation in migratory birds, including implications for conservation programs


Director, Wildlife Research, Science & Technology Branch (2006-2007) / NSERC Discovery Grant Panel, Ecology & Evolution (2006-2008) / European Science Foundation Reviewer (2006-present)

Invited keynote and plenary talks (e.g., North American Duck Symposium; International Union of Game Biologists Congress; Pan-European Duck Symposium) / Evaluation of North American Waterfowl Management Plan (Biological Foundations) 2006

Prairie Habitat Joint Venture Waterfowl Working Group; Scaup Action Team; Pintail Action Group; Golondrinas de las Americas Network


Coulton, D.W., R.G. Clark, K.A. Hobson, L.I. Wassenaar and C.E. Hebert. 2009. Temporal sources of deuterium variability in waterfowl feathers across a prairie-to-boreal gradient. Condor 111:255-265.

Boyce, M., R.G. Clark and D.W. Morris. 2008. Habitat and habitat selection: theory, tests and implications. Isreali Journal of Ecology and Evolution 54:279-472. (Special issue.)

Skinner, S.P. and R.G. Clark. 2008. Relationships between duck and grassland bird relative abundance and species richness in southern Saskatchewan. Avian Conservation and Ecology 3.

Devink, J-M., R.G. Clark, S. Slattery and T.M. Scheuhammer. 2008. Effects of dietary seleium on reproduction and body mass of captive lesser scaup. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 27:471-477.

Drever, M.C., T.D. Nudds and R.G. Clark. 2007. Agricultural policy and nest success of prairie ducks in Canada and the United States. Avian Conservation and Ecology 2.

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Nature & Wildlife
          Ecosystem health
     Wildlife Populations
          Migratory birds
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