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The Great Lakes Beach Association Elects Environment Canada Scientist as President


Image: A city beach, Toronto, Ontario | © EC, T. Edge    The Great Lakes Beach Association (GLBA) recently elected Environment Canada’s Dr. Tom Edge as President for 2012–2014. The GLBA is a collaboration of individuals in Canada and the United States (e.g., researchers and beach managers) working to improve recreational beach water quality through an informal information-sharing forum. Poor near-shore water quality and beach closures are widespread problems around the Great Lakes, presenting potential health risks, adverse impacts on the environment with repercussions on local economies, and impairment of beneficial uses in many Great Lakes Areas of Concern.

The GLBA shares research advances in areas such as water quality testing, microbial source tracking of pollution sources, and beach management techniques so that shoreline monitoring programs can better protect water quality and public health. There is an annual conference, a website (, and an email discussion list (Beachnet) of close to 1,000 members to facilitate communication.  

Contact: Dr. Tom Edge,, Aquatic Ecosystem Protection Research

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