Pollution and Waste

The world’s population is experiencing unprecedented growth and, for many, living standards are increasing too. The demands being placed on our environment are relentless – accelerated use of natural resources, increased production, spreading urbanization – and the result is more waste and pollution.

Environment and Climate Change Canada works with businesses, industry, other levels of government, non-governmental organizations and citizens to manage and reduce pollution and waste. The department is committed to ensuring our air, water and land are protected for generations to come.

  • Pollutants
    Learn about major pollutants and toxic substances and what Environment and Climate Change Canada is doing to reduce and eliminate them.
  • Pollution Sources
    Many pollutants come from human activity – find out how the Government of Canada balances the everyday needs of Canadians with environmental protection goals.
  • Managing Pollution
    Find out how Environment and Climate Change Canada reduces the impact harmful substances have on human health and our environment.
  • Pollution Prevention
    Discover the economic and environmental benefits of pollution prevention.
  • Managing and Reducing Waste
    Learn how Environment and Climate Change Canada encourages environmentally-sound waste management.
  • Acts, Regulations and Agreements
    Learn about the acts, regulations and agreements put in place to protect our environment.
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