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Model Pollution Prevention Plan



This model pollution prevention (P2) plan is one of a series of documents that complement  the Pollution Prevention Planning Handbook. The handbook describes methods that may be used to prepare a pollution prevention plan consistent with this model plan. It is an important companion document to this model plan.

This model pollution prevention plan provides an example of the types of information that should be included in an effective pollution prevention plan. It has been structured to help organizations develop and document an effective P2 plan, and help those who are responding to a P2 Planning Notice under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999 (CEPA 1999).

This model plan does not represent the only method for preparing and documenting a pollution prevention plan, and is intended for illustrative purposes only. The advice presented here represents generic advice on “best practices.” While pollution prevention can provide significant benefits to organizations regardless of their size and nature of operations, the precise sequence, level of effort, scope of analysis and options reviewed will vary from facility to facility. Each organization should therefore adapt the advice to its own circumstances and, where appropriate, seek advice from other companies that have implemented pollution prevention, from one of the many Internet-based resources supporting pollution prevention, from government officials or from qualified consultants.

Getting Started

You can use this model plan to help you begin developing your P2 Plan. We recommend using the MS Word version of the model plan (MS Word; 330 KB), where possible. The MS Word version can be modified to suit your facility/organization’s specific requirements, while the structure and tables of the HTML version are fixed in place and unalterable.  If you choose to use the HTML version, print each page after you complete it. Your information will not be saved online: if you do not print your pages, you will lose all your inputted information. 

Please note that:

  • Italicized text provides instruction and clarification at the beginning of most sections. This text should be removed from your final plan once you have read the information and entered the required information for each section. Note: in the HTML version, this explanatory text is in a box under most of the section headers.  
  • Examples are provided for many sections to give you an idea of the type of information or statements that should be included. You may use these examples tailoring them to your P2 plan and facility or organization. The examples should be removed from your final plan once you have entered the required information for each section.
  • Sample tables allowing you to summarize the information for your P2 plan have also been developed. Tailor the tables as required using data for your own plan. Examples of measurements on an annual basis and in metric units of mass and volume have been provided in a number of different tables and figures. It is expected that organizations referring to this template will adopt the units and use the tables that make the most sense for their operations.
  • While this plan presents material in a logical order, the sequence of the sections does not necessarily represent the order in which work will be performed during the planning process. For example, objectives and targets will likely only be set following collection and analysis of baseline data.
  • Throughout the document we have written in bold font the terms Declaration of Preparation or Interim Progress Report to help you easily identify where your P2 plan data may be used when you are completing and submitting your Declarations or Interim Progress Reports to Environment Canada.

Now that you are aware of some of the aids that has been provided in this model plan, you should also ensure you have the following documents on hand to assist you in developing your P2 plan:

  1. P2 Planning Handbook – the handbook provides an overview of pollution prevention; outlines the steps of the P2 planning process and for preparing your P2 plan, and provides detailed information on pollution prevention practices.
  2. P2 Planning Fact sheets – the fact sheets provide concise information regarding pollution prevention practices, techniques and the preparation of a P2 plan.
  3. P2 Planning Notices (for which you are subject) – the Notice will clearly state who is subject to the Notice; the deadlines for preparing and implementing your P2 plan; the on-line reporting deadlines for the Declarations; and examples of the on-line Schedules that you are required to complete.
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