Canada 150 plaques: Honouring habitat conservation

Canada 150 plaque
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This is a picture of a commemorative Canada 150 plaque that is being installed on 150 properties across Canada to recognize and appreciate the habitat conservation efforts undertaken on this property

As part of Canada’s 150th anniversary of confederation celebrations this year, Environment and Climate Change Canada is recognizing a representative group of Canadians who have set aside private lands for long-term conservation, through sale, donation, or conservation agreement. Canada 150 commemorative plaques are being installed on 150 properties across this great country to celebrate the exceptional habitat and biodiversity benefits of the properties. In all, these 150 properties represent over 87,000 hectares (more than five times the size of Bruce Peninsula National Park in Ontario) of ecologically important land that will be protected and conserved forever.

These lands were conserved with the support of Government of Canada funding or tax incentives under one of four programs.  Find out more about these four programs and how you can get involved in habitat conservation including donating your ecologically sensitive land while receiving significant tax credit:

Let’s help to continue building Canada’s environmental legacy for the next 150 years.

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