Avoiding harm to migratory birds

Protecting migratory birds, colonies, nesting, guidelines, management practices.

Services and information

Guidelines for water and seabird colonies

Seabird and waterbird colonies, impacts of human activity, legal protection, guidelines.

Birds at sea

Risks, threats, high-density areas, vulnerable species, fact sheets, maps.

Nesting periods

Nesting, breeding, calendars, zone maps, protected species.

Technical information about the guidelines

Risk factors, timing, buffer zones, water levels, other considerations.

Best practices

Recommendations, bird conservation region strategies, recovery strategies.

Guidelines for developing best practices

Creating beneficial management practices: principles, context, purpose, parts, resources.

Reducing risk

Your role in protecting migratory birds, nests and eggs.

Canadian Wildlife Service

Contact information, regional offices.

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Why and how to protect birds, nests and eggs.

What we are doing

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