Green Building

Every year thousands of new construction projects are completed across the country, many of which have the opportunity to be "greener," whether it is with the choice of lighting, windows, or building material. Green building is the term used to describe the selection of environmentally-friendly building materials, as well as environmentally-conscious building design. There are all kinds of building materials available on the market today that are less-toxic and create less waste. Many green building techniques and products are also beneficial for improving a building's energy performance, thereby decreasing energy bills.

For more information, visit the Building Green Web site or conduct either one of the two following searches of the Canadian Pollution Prevention Information Clearinghouse (CPPIC) database.

  1. Conduct a keyword search of the CPPIC database using the search term green building.
  2. Conduct a sector search by choosing "Category 3: Construction, Utilities and Waste Management Services" and then selecting the sector "Construction of Buildings". On the next page, follow the instructions to further refine your search.

Green Power and Clean Energy

"Green power" is most commonly defined, world-wide, as renewable low-impact electricity, that is, electricity from renewable energy sources having low adverse environmental impact relative to conventional large-reservoir hydroelectricity and relative to non-renewable forms of electricity.Footnote 1 By supporting the development and procurement of green power, businesses and households can assist in reducing the production of greenhouse gas emissions, one of Canada's climate change goals.

For more information, visit the Government of Canada's Clean Energy Web site or conduct a keyword search of the CPPIC database using the search terms green power, clean energy or energy and climate change.

The sector search option is also available allowing you to search the CPPIC database by industry sector. Select your category and sector and then choose "Energy" from the "Substance/Issue" drop down menu on the "Sector Search – Criteria" page.