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Canadian Tropical Cyclone Season Summary for 1957

1957 Storm Tracks Image
1957 Storm Tracks Image

1957 A (June 7 to June 8, 1957)

An unnamed tropical storm developed on June 7th and 8th, 1957, in the south-central Gulf of Mexico. It moved northeast ward to Apalachee Bay. Winds of 40 miles per hour or more and tides of 2 to 3 feet above normal were experienced along the Florida Gulf coast from Sarasota to north of Cedar Keys. Exceptionally heavy rain accompanied the storm, with amounts of up to 15 inches reported at official stations and there were also some unofficial amounts of 19 inches. At least nine tornadoes or damaging wind storms were reported in northeastern Florida on the afternoon and evening of the 8th. Late on June 9th, the storm became extratropical off the Atlantic coast.

One small craft capsized in the Gulf of Mexico and five of the seven people onboard apparently drowned. Damage was about $52,000.

Hurricane Audrey (June 25 to June 29, 1957)

The existence of a tropical depression in the southwestern Gulf of Mexico was first observed on June 24, 1957. During the night the circulation intensified steadily, and the next day the storm, while remaining almost stationary in location, had become a full hurricane. Hurricane Audrey now began a steady northward movement, increasing in size and intensity. On the morning of June 27, Hurricane Audrey fiercely hit the coast near the Louisiana-Texas border. Hurricane Audrey became a severe extratropical storm as it moved northeastward through the Ohio Valley and New York Sate. Hurricane Audrey was one of the most destructive June hurricanes ever recorded in the United States. The exact number of dead will never be known, but five hundred fatalities appears to be a conservative estimate. The total damage has been estimated at $150,000,000, of which $120,000,000 was in Louisiana.

Hurricane Frieda (September 20 to September 27, 1957)

The circulation that developed into this storm began on September 20, 1957. Hurricane Frieda spent its life at sea and was of hurricane intensity only a few hours on the morning of September 25. After becoming extratropical, Frieda continued rapidly northeastward, with gradually decreasing intensity, and passed across Newfoundland on the night of the September 26.

No deaths or property damage were associated with this storm.

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