Canada's top ten weather stories of 2001

A nation-wide drought - more extensive than the multi-billion dollar drought on the Prairies in 1988 - was the number one weather story in 2001 and one of the year's top news stories. Other top weather stories included the long snowy winter in the East, a hot sultry summer over most of Canada and a record number of smog advisories. The good news? It was the third tame year in a row for wildfires in Canada, and the best for least total area burned on record despite tinderbox conditions across the country. And compared to last year, the number of weather-related personal injuries and fatalities was relatively low.

On the flip side, the Atlantic Ocean had an active hurricane season for the fourth year running, Canada logged one of its warmest years on record and its ninth warm year in a row. A mild fall marked the 18th consecutive season with above-normal temperatures. For western Canada, it was the second driest year in over half a century.

The following top weather stories for 2001 are rated from one to ten  based on the impact they had on Canada and Canadians, the extent of the area they affected, and their longevity as a top news story.

Top ten weather stories for 2001

  1. Canada Dry Coast to Coast
  2. The Never-ending Winter
  3. It's Never The Heat … It's Always the Humidity!
  4. Close to a National Inferno
  5. Air Quality Woes
  6. Hurricane Gabrielle and "The Perfect Storm"
  7. Winter Recreation - Best in the East and Least in the West
  8. BC's Big Blow
  9. Another Hot Year for Canada and the World
  10. Freak Lightning Deaths in an Unusually Quiet Summer

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