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Secrets of the St. Lawrence


Symbols (PDF; 11 KB)

Symbol legend of seastate conditions represented on a map.
Confused or
choppy sea (rip)
 Two wavy lines in a vertical row
Cross sea 3 chevron shaped lines over laid by 3 reflected chevron shaped lines
Reflection Two waves traveling in opposite directions meeting together to form a larger wave


  • breaking
  • shoaling
  • short
  • steep
 Waves (breaking, shoaling, short, steep)
Fog 3 straight lines in a vertical row


Symbol legend of water effects represented on a map.
Barrier An arrow with a downward slope stacked vertically over a straight line
Channelling A tapering arrow between two opposite semi circles
Convergence One arrowed straight line becoming connected with a downward sloping arrow
Corner An upward sloping line separating from a straight arrow below it
Funnelling A tapering line with an arrow at the narrowest end


Symbol legend of wind conditions represented on a map.
Katabatic wind A downward directed Arrow with a “K” inside
Turbulence A counter clockwise directed arrow
Wind opposing current A wave traveling opposite to the direction the arrow beneath (the arrow is indicative of the current direction).

*Symbols used in the local listings, pages 18 to 22

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