Canada's top ten weather stories: highlights of 2010

The following Top 10 Canadian Weather Stories for 2010 were selected based on factors that include the impact they had on Canada and Canadians, the extent of the area affected, and the economic effects and longevity as a top news story.

1. Spring Weather for the Olympic Winter Games

The Vancouver Olympic Committee promised that their Games would be the “greenest on record”. But never could they have anticipated that Vancouver would experience its mildest winter ever.

2. Vigorous Igor 

From June 1st to November 30th hurricane season in the Atlantic Ocean in 2010 was very active with 19 named storms. Igor and Earl left a lasting impression in the East.

3.  From Dry to Drenched on the Prairies

Before the growing season started ranchers in Western Canada said they had never seen such a dry spring. But by mid April the rains came and never let up until September.

4. Canada’s a "Hottie"

The year began with the mildest winter, warmest spring, the third warmest summer and the second warmest fall on record, making 2010 the warmest year in 63 years.

5. Storm for the Ages: "Flurries", Fury and Floods

During the month of December a blizzard left hundreds of motorists trapped in their cars between Sarnia and Strathroy Ontario, while residents in eastern Quebec and the Maritime provinces were hammered with driving wind and rain causing major flooding.

6. Saskatchewan’s Summer of Storms

From microbursts, hailers, twisters and gully washers to funnel clouds and plough winds, Saskatchewan experienced almost everything nature could possibly throw at it this summer.

7. B.C. Forest Fires … Costly and Smoky

The 2010 fire season across British Columbia was short but expensive. In May and June 1,678 wildfires consumed the most forested area in at least 10 years.

8. El Niño Cancels Winter

Winter 2010 was for most of Canada at least 2°C above normal, with some areas of the Arctic and northern Quebec more than 6°C above normal. A snow drought prevailed from British Columbia to Quebec.

9. Freak Canada-U.S. "Weather Bomb"

For three days during the last week of October, a massive and powerful fall storm muscled its way across North America.

10. Canada’s Most Expensive Hailstorm

On July 12, a fierce 30-minute storm pelted Calgary with large baseball-size hail

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