Canada's top ten weather stories: highlights of 2009

The following Top Canadian Weather Stories for 2009 are rated from ten to one based on factors that include the impact they had on Canada and Canadians, the extent of the area affected, economic effects and longevity as a top news story.

1. Summer of our Discontent... Too Much Heat in the Far West, Not Enough for All the Rest

This summer had it all! Depending on where you live in Canada it was either too hot, too cold, too dry, too wet or too stormy.

2. BC Burning Up

The forest fire season in British Columbia began early in May and exploded in July, burning thousands of hectares.

3. Ontario Tornadoes... Deadly and Destructive

Ontario faced some of the deadliest and most destructive tornadoes in its history tying a single year record from April 25 to September 28.

4. Record Ice-Jam Flooding on the Red River

Manitoba’s Red River recorded its second highest spring flooding in nearly 100 years.

5. Cold and Drought Combo Wreak Havoc with Prairie Farmers

Prairies experienced their driest and coldest spring in decades.

6. Less Arctic Sea Ice Retreat but No Recovery

The Arctic Ocean reached its minimum sea-ice extent in mid-September 2009, the third lowest since the start of satellite measurements 30 years ago.

7. Multi-Million Dollar Hailer Pounds Urban and Rural Alberta

Major wind and hail storm strikes parts of Alberta in early August causing catastrophic property, crop and live stock damage.

8. Hamilton’s Record Costly Gully-Washer

On July 26 waves of thunderstorms pounded Hamilton, Ontario, leaving citizens with flooded basements and motorists stuck in traffic caused by road closures.

9. Winds Plough Through Alberta

Spectacular plough winds cause death, injuries and damage across Alberta over the summer months. 

10. Enduring Prairie Cold Ends Dramatically

Across the Prairies, winter started out cold and stayed that way with a season that seemed to go on for nine months. From December to August inclusive, the Prairies tied for the coldest nine months in 27 years.  Then September came around and it was hot!!!

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