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Rules of Procedure for Boards of Review (SOR/2003-28)

The Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999 provides authority for the Minister of the Environment to make procedural rules for the operation of boards of review that the Minister is empowered to establish under the Act. The board of review constitutes an inquiry process for investigating certain types of prescribed activities that are carried out under the Act. The Rules of Procedure for Boards of Review establish general rules that will govern the conduct of reviews and, in particular, address such issues as quorum, calculation of time, notice of hearing, expert witnesses, service, and other procedural matters. The rules are required so that persons know in sufficient detail the procedures that are to be followed when appearing before a board of review. The Minister may establish a board of review where a notice of objection is filed in relation to certain prescribed activities, as described in section 333 of the Act. These activities include certain prescribed orders, regulations or instruments made by the Governor in Council, or that are made by either the Minister of the Environment or the Minister of Health.

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Canada Gazette Date published Volume and number
Part 1: 2002-07-27 Vol. 136, No. 30
Part 2: 2003-01-29 Vol. 137, No. 3

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