Proposed Regulations

Regulations Amending the Regulations Prescribing Circumstances for Granting Waivers Pursuant to Section 147 of the Act

The proposed Amendments would replace subparagraphs 1(a)(iii) to 1(a)(xv), which describe, for each province or territory, the conditions under which the responsible authority of the province or territory declares a state of emergency under specific provincial legislation. These subparagraphs would be replaced with one subparagraph:

(iii) a declaration of emergency in a province, by a responsible authority duly authorized under the applicable provincial act regarding emergency situations or civil protection; or This change would remove all specific references to provincial or territorial legislation, which could change from time to time, potentially rendering the reference obsolete. All occurrences of the words "as amended from time to time" would thereby be removed, along with the obsolete reference. The proposed Amendments would also slightly alter the English title of the Regulations and shorten the wording of the umbrella portion of section 1 to improve the clarity of the Regulations. The requirements of the Regulations would not be changed.

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Part 1: 2017-12-09 Vol. 151, No. 49

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