Variety of Information

Such information includes:

  • negotiated agreements (i.e. agreements with respect to the administration of the Act (section 9) and agreements respecting equivalent provisions (section 10));
  • environmental protection actions (section 26);
  • information requests for data regarding the following (section 46):
    1. substances on the Priority Substances List;
    2. substances that have not been determined to be toxic under Part 5 because of the current extent of the environment's exposure to them, but whose presence in the environment must be monitored if the Minister considers that to be appropriate;
    3. substances, including nutrients, that can be released into water or are present in products like water conditioners and cleaning products;
    4. substances released, or disposed of, at or into the sea;
    5. substances that are toxic under section 64 or that may become toxic;
    6. substances that may cause or contribute to international or interprovincial pollution of fresh water, salt water or the atmosphere;
    7. substances or fuels that may contribute significantly to air pollution;
    8. substances that, if released into Canadian waters, cause or may cause damage to fish or to their habitat;
    9. substances that, if released into areas of Canada where there are migratory birds, endangered species or other wildlife regulated under any other Act of Parliament, are harmful or capable of causing harm to those birds, species or wildlife;
    10. substances that are on the list established under regulations made under subsection 200(1);
    11. the release of substances into the environment at any stage of their life-cycle;
    12. pollution prevention; and
    13. use of federal land and of aboriginal land;
  • the national inventory of releases of pollutants (section 50);
  • notice on objectives, guidelines or codes of pratices issued under sections 54 and 55;
  • notice to prepare and implement a pollution prevention plan in respect of a substance or group of substances specified on the List of Toxic Substances in Schedule 1 (section 56);
  • model plans (section 61);
  • guidelines (section 69);
  • notice requiring information, samples or testing relating to the assessment of whether a substance is toxic or is capable of becoming toxic (section 71);
  • manufacture or import of substances (section 81);
  • any danger to the environment or to human life or health posed by a substance or product (section 99);
  • Disposal at Sea Permits (section 127);
  • Ministerial action regarding international air pollution (section 166);
  • Ministerial action regarding international water pollution (sections 176 and 178);
  • Guidelines and codes of practice respecting environmental emergency measures (section 198);
  • requirements for environmental emergency plans (section 199);
  • reports (sections 9, 10, 168, 178, 301);
  • notices of objection (sections 9, 10, 13, 77, 78, 134, 168, 178, 332, 333).
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