CEPA Environmental Registry

The CEPA Environmental Registry gives Canadians the opportunity to learn more about how the federal government administers the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999 (CEPA 1999) and invites industries, individuals, interest groups and others to participate in the public consultations and decision-making processes that take place under the Act.

The main goal of the Environmental Registry is to make it easier to access current information related to CEPA 1999. It is a comprehensive source of information on a variety of CEPA 1999-related tools, including proposed and existing policies, guidelines, codes of practice, government notices and orders, agreements, permits, and regulations. It also enables the public to monitor the progress of these instruments from the proposal stage to their final publication in the Canada Gazette.

You are encouraged to use the Environmental Registry to follow Environment and Climate Change Canada and Health Canada activities and to participate in the decision-making process by submitting comments on CEPA-related documents.

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