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The Act

Part 12: Consequential Amendments, Repeal and Coming into Force

Consequential Amendments

344. to 354. [Amendments]


355. [Repeal]



355.1 (1) Subject to subsection (2), any regulation that was

  1. (a) made under the Act mentioned in section 355, and
  2. (b) in force immediately before the day on which this Act is assented to

is deemed to have been made under this Act, and continues in force, subject to being amended or repealed under this Act.

Where inconsistent with this Act

(2) If a regulation continued in force by subsection (1) is not consistent with this Act at the end of the two-year period that starts on the day on which this Act is assented to, that regulation ceases to be in force at the end of that period.

Coming into Force

Coming into force

*356. This Act or any of its provisions comes into force on a day or days to be fixed by order of the Governor in Council.

*[Note: Sections 6 and 332 to 341 in force November 15, 1999, see SI/99-131; sections 243 to 255 in force December 1, 1999, see SI/99-132; sections 9 and 54 in force February 2, 2000, see SI/2000-4; sections 1 to 5, 7, 8, 10 to 53 and 55 to 80, subsections 81(1) to (6) and (8) to (14), sections 82 to 105, subsections 106(1) to (6) and (8) to (13) and sections 107 to 233, 242, 256 to 331 and 342 to 355.1 in force March 31, 2000, see SI/2000-15; sections 234 to 241 in force March 31, 2001, see SI/2000-15 and SI/2000-78; subsections 81(7) and 106(7) in force September 13, 2001, see SI/2000-15.]

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