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ARCHIVED - Federal Renewable Fuels Regulation - Key Elements and Next Steps

Stakeholder Presentation

Toronto, Ontario
May 15, 2009

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The Government is following through on its December 2006 commitment

  • In December 2006 the Government published the Notice of intent to develop a federal regulation requiring renewable fuels which announced that the regulation would require petroleum fuel producers and importers to have:
    • An average renewable fuel content of at least 5% based on the volume of gasoline, commencing in 2010
    • An average 2% renewable fuel content in diesel fuel and heating oil, upon successful demonstration of renewable diesel fuel use under the range of Canadian conditions
      • Not in place for 2010, but intended to come into effect by no later than 2012
  • Regulation to be developed under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999 (CEPA, 1999)

The regulation provides a national approach to requiring renewable content

  • General approach based on U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Renewable Fuel Standard
    • With some simplifications
  • Timing for the 5% requirement based on gasoline is the following:
    • Requirement will be effective September 2010
    • Draft Regulation targeted for publication in the Canada Gazette, Part I in December 2009
    • Final Regulation targeted for publication in the Canada Gazette, Part II in June 2010
  • Implement 2% requirement in diesel fuel and heating oil by 2011 or earlier subject to technical feasibility
    • Will require an amendment to the regulation

Regulatory compliance to be on a company basis

  • Required renewable fuel content to be based on the volumes of gasoline, diesel fuel and heating oil that a company produces or imports
  • Regulation not to apply to individual facilities or provinces of import

The regulation is to be based on annual volumes

  • Not every litre of gasoline, diesel fuel and heating oil produced or imported would be required to contain renewable fuel

The regulation is to include a credit and trading system

  • Companies may acquire credits from other parties in lieu of having renewable fuel content in their gasoline and distillate pools
  • Credits may be created by:
    • Blending renewable fuel into petroleum fuel
    • Importing fuel with renewable content
    • Producing fuel from bio-crude

The regulation is to provide a number of flexibility mechanisms

  • A broad range of liquid renewable fuels may be used to meet the requirements; not limited to ethanol and biodiesel.
  • The 5% requirement for gasoline may be met by renewable fuel in gasoline, diesel or other liquid petroleum fuels
  • The 2% requirement for diesel fuel and heating oil would have to be met through the use of renewable fuel in those products
  • There is to be no regional requirement

Possible provisions to address regional implementation challenges will be considered through the development of the regulations.

There are to be some limited exemptions

  • Companies producing or importing less than 400 m3 of fuel per year
  • Fuel for use in competition vehicles, aviation applications and for scientific research
  • Fuel for use in the Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut

The regulation will not include:

  • Fuel quality specifications
  • Differential weightings (biases) assigned to renewable fuels
    • Differential weightings may be considered in the future once there is a better knowledge base on the life cycle analysis of various fuels.

Next Steps

  • Drafting the regulation
  • Targeting the publication of proposed regulation in the Canada Gazette, Part I in December 2009
  • Consulting on the proposed regulation
  • Targeting publication of final regulation in the Canada Gazette, Part II in June 2010
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