Inert, Inorganic Geological Matter

There is sometimes a need to dispose of materials from land. Whereas the disposal at sea of industrial waste was banned in the early 2000’s some inert material is still appropriate for sea disposal. It is expected that this material will have only a physical effect and not release contaminants to the marine environment. In order to qualify as inert inorganic geological matter, the substance must be shown to have all the properties of the material class; that is, it must be inert (not reactive), not contain organic material and be of a geologic (not manufactured or chemically processed) nature. In most cases in Canada it is only undisturbed native till that will be considered for disposal.

Inert material will follow essentially the same assessment process as dredged material and potential permittees should refer to those steps of assessment. As there may be some case by case analysis required that may differ from the dredged material process proponents should contact the regional Disposal at Sea office prior to undertaking any sampling or submitting an application.