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Metal Mining Technical Guidance for Environmental Effects Monitoring

Purpose of the Guidance Document

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In 1996, Environment Canada undertook an assessment of the aquatic effects of mining in Canada (AQUAMIN 19961), which provided recommendations regarding the review and amendments of the Metal Mining Liquid Effluent Regulations (currently titled the Metal Mining Effluent Regulations [MMER]) and the design of a national Environmental Effects Monitoring (EEM) program for metal mining. The MMER under the Fisheries Act direct metal mines to conduct EEM as a condition governing the authority to deposit effluent (MMER, Part 2, section 7). EEM is a science-based performance measurement tool used to assess the adequacy of the regulations. Although this guidance document is not a legal document, it is intended to provide guidance for mines in meeting their EEM requirements and conducting EEM studies. For the regulatory EEM requirements, refer to section 7 and Schedule 5 of the MMER. This guidance document replaces the 2002 version.

1 AQUAMIN. 1996. Assessment of the Aquatic Effects of Mining in Canada. Environment Canada – report available upon request by email at

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