Summary of Public Comments Received on Fuel Oil No. 2 Draft Screening Assessment Report and Proposed Risk Management Scope for Stream 3 of the Petroleum Sector Stream Approach

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Comments were received on the draft Screening Assessment and proposed risk management scope for Fuel Oil No. 2 to be addressed as part of the Chemicals Management Plan’s Petroleum Sector Stream Approach (PSSA).

A summary of comments and responses is included below, organized by topic:

Topic Risk Assessment


It was noted that benzene was considered in the assessment of the bulk storage evaporative emissions scenario. Benzene content in Fuel Oil No. 2 is at or below detectable levels, if existent at all.


Health Canada considered the presence of several constituents in Fuel Oil No. 2 and other related gas oil substances. Benzene was included due to its presence both in other gas oils and in measured emissions from gas oil bulk storage tanks.

Topic Risk Management


It is not apparent that the addition of Fuel Oil No. 2 to the Environmental Emergency Regulations under CEPA 1999 will reduce the risks identified in the draft Screening Assessment (i.e., small spills).


The draft Screening Assessment identified spills as harmful to freshwater, marine and terrestrial organisms. Spill statistics reflected a pattern of repeated small quantities of Fuel Oil No. 2 released to the environment, with occasional large spills.

The addition of Fuel Oil No. 2 to the Environmental Emergency Regulations will help to address the larger spills. The Government will also explore options for reducing the occurrence of small spills associated with residential storage tanks for Fuel Oil No. 2, in consultation with provinces/territories and stakeholders. Other measures may also be considered.

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