Publication Plan for Assessments

Target publication timelines for the risk assessment products to be published in the first two years are available in the Two-year Rolling Risk Assessment Publication Plan for the next phase of the Chemical Management Plan (CMP). This publication plan includes a number of assessments that were initiated previously where publication of the draft or final screening assessment is pending (for example, reports from the CMP Substance Groupings initiative). Only the draft screening assessments for substances being assessed in the first two years of the next phase of the CMP are shown in the publication plan (by quarter for the first year and by half-year for the second year).  Final screening assessments are generally published one year after the draft.

This two-year rolling risk assessment publication plan will be updated regularly, to provide publication plans by quarter for the upcoming year, and by half-year for the following year.  Additional information on the different types of risk assessment products can be found on the Risk Assessment webpage.

Substances List

The list of substances to be addressed in the next phase of the CMP is available in the List of Substances in the next phase of the Chemical Management Plan (2016-2020). This list can be used to identify all the substances found in each of the draft screening assessments shown in the two-year risk assessment publication plan. It also indicates the approach anticipated to be followed for the ecological and human health characterization of each screening assessment and the start date of assessments for those where assessment work will begin in the first two years.  Stakeholders are encouraged to provide additional information for consideration in the assessment before the start date indicated in the Substances List. Systematic stakeholder engagement is not planned for all assessments as commercial data are available on most substances from previous inventory updates.

This list will be updated in conjunction with the publication plan. Additional information on the types of approaches indicated in the Substances List is available in the Risk Assessment Toolbox found on the Risk Assessment webpage.

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