Watershed Assessments

Canada has five main ocean watersheds: the Arctic, the Atlantic (which includes the Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence River), Hudson Bay, the Pacific and the Gulf of Mexico. Each of these massive land areas drains a network of lakes, rivers and ground water aquifers that channel water to an ocean. These large watersheds can be further divided into smaller sub- and sub-sub-watersheds (or drainage areas).

Water often flows across borders (international or provincial) and is managed by a wide range of players and regulations from multiple federal, provincial and territorial governments. Furthermore, water quality in one watershed is influenced by human activities occurring in upstream watersheds. Therefore, monitoring and assessing water at the watershed scale is extremely important from a resource management perspective.

As such, information on water quality assessments are divided by Canada’s ocean watersheds. Click a region on the map or follow the links below the map.

Image map of ocean drainage areas in Canada: select an area for more information on that watershed.Atlantic Ocean watershedHudson Bay watershedArctic Ocean watershedPacific Ocean watershed

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