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Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia joined the Flood Damage Reduction Program in 1978 signing a General and a Mapping and Studies Agreement. The 100-year flood was used to delineate and designate flood plains in 9 communities. Those communities have all incorporated the mapping in their land use by-laws. The two zone approach has been used where future development is prohibited in the floodway, defined by the 20-year flood, but is permitted in the flood fringe if adequate flood proofing is carried out.


Is your property in an area that is subject of recurrent and severe flooding?

If your community is listed below, it is in a "Designated" area. Provide the designation name to the contact when requesting a flood risk map.

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Designated areas as subject to recurrent and severe flooding
AntigonishAntigonishDesignated 1984-11-0145 37 / 62 00
BeaverbankLittle Sackville RiverDesignated 1987-05-29 
BedfordSackville RiverDesignated 1984-02-28 
Bible HillTruroDesignated 1988-03-31 
EurekaEast River of PictouDesignated 1984-02-28 
Lower SackvilleSackville RiverDesignated 1984-02-28 
Lower TruroTruroDesignated 1988-03-31 
McCabe LakeSackville RiverDesignated 1984-02-28 
Middle SackvilleLittle Sackville RiverDesignated 1987-05-29 
Middle SackvilleSackville RiverDesignated 1984-02-2844 47 / 63 42
Murray SidingTruroDesignated 1988-03-31 
New GlasgowEast River of PictouDesignated 1984-02-2845 35 / 62 39
North RiverTruroDesignated 1988-03-31 
OnslowTruroDesignated 1988-03-31 
PlymouthEast River of PictouDesignated 1984-02-28 
SackvilleSackville RiverDesignated 1984-02-2844 44 / 63 40
Salmon RiverTruroDesignated 1988-03-31 
StellartonEast River of PictouDesignated 1984-02-28 
TruroTruroDesignated 1988-03-3145 22 / 63 16
Truro HeightsTruroDesignated 1988-03-31 
Upper OnslowTruroDesignated 1988-03-31 
Upper SackvilleSackville RiverDesignated 1984-02-28 
Valley StationTruroDesignated 1988-03-31 
Weber LakeSackville RiverDesignated 1984-02-28 

Program Information

To obtain a map, contact:

Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations
Municipal Services, Land Use Planning
Land Information Centre 
5151 Terminal Road, 2nd Floor – P.O. Box 2205
Halifax, Nova Scotia  B3J 3C4
Tel.: 902-424-4083
Fax: 902-424-5747

For more information, contact:

Federal government

Sustainable Water Management
Environmental Stewardship Branch
Environment Canada
Ottawa, Ontario  K1A 0H3
Fax: 819-994-0237

Provincial government

Environmental and Natural Areas Management
Nova Scotia Environment
5151 Terminal Road, 5th Floor – P.O. Box 697
Halifax, Nova Scotia  B3J 2T8
Tel.: 902-424-5300
Fax: 902-424-0503

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