Evaluation of the National Vehicle Scrappage Program

Final Report

July 12, 2011

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Annex 4 Summary of Findings

Evaluation Question Achieved Progress Made;
Attention Needed
Little Progress;
Priority for Attention
Not Applicable
~ Due to insufficient evidence, a complete assessment cannot be carried out.
1. a)
Did the Vehicle Scrappage Program respond to an identified need? What was that need?
1. b)
Is there a continued need for the program?
Did the program complement or duplicate other related federal and/or provincial government programs (e.g., Transport Canada programs, provincial emission testing programs, etc.)?
Was the Vehicle Scrappage Program aligned with departmental and federal government priorities?
Was the Vehicle Scrappage Program consistent with the Department’s mandate and with federal roles and responsibilities?
Performance: Design and Delivery
Were the objectives of the program realistic and adequately defined?
6. a)
Was the design of the Vehicle Scrappage Program appropriate for achieving expected program results?
6. b)
Was the funding of the program commensurate with its objectives and the needs identified?
7. a)
Were participants satisfied with the administration of the program by both the Department and the not-for-profit organizations?
7. b)
Were participants satisfied with the incentives provided to reward them for scrapping their vehicle (type and value)?
Were the achievements of the Vehicle Scrappage Program effectively and efficiently captured and disseminated to appropriate audiences (i.e., key stakeholders and the general public)?
Have appropriate performance data been collected, captured and safeguarded? If so, has this information been used to inform senior management / decision makers?
10. a)
What are the lessons learned (both strengths and weaknesses) from the program?
10. b)
Are there follow-up activities or programs that could build on the success achieved by this program?
Performance: Effectiveness
To what extent have the intended outcomes been achieved as a result of the Vehicle Scrappage Program?

Short-term outcomes

11. a)
Canadians in all provinces have access to incentives to reward them for removing older vehicles from the road
11. b)
Increased awareness by the public of the program and the environmental impacts of older vehicles
11. c)
Increased awareness by recyclers of environmentally safe recycling practices

Medium-term outcomes

11. d)
Fewer older, high-polluting personal vehicles on the road
11. e)
More sustainable transportation modes being used for personal transportation
11. f)
Environmentally safe practices in use for recycling of vehicles scrapped through the program

Long-term outcomes

11. g)
Air pollutants are reduced
11. h)
GHG emissions are reduced
11. i)
Release of harmful and toxic substances into the environment is prevented
Did this program lead people to make use of other related federal and provincial government programs or vice-versa?
Were there any external factors outside of the Vehicle Scrappage Program that influenced (positively or negatively) the success of the program?
Were there any unintended positive or negative outcomes of the Vehicle Scrappage Program?
Performance: Efficiency and Economy
15. a)
Did the Vehicle Scrappage Program undertake its activities and deliver its products in the most efficient manner?
15. b)
Was federal funding leveraged to the extent planned?
15. c)
How could the efficiency of the program’s activities be improved?
15. d)
Are there alternative, more efficient ways of delivering the program?
Did the Vehicle Scrappage Program achieve its intended outcomes in the most economical manner?


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