Evaluation of the EcoAction Community Funding Program

May 2009

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Environment Canada’s Evaluation Division, Audit and Evaluation Branch, conducted an evaluation of the EcoAction Community Funding Program (EcoAction).1 The evaluation was identified as part of the Departmental Audit and Evaluation Plan approved in April 2008 and was conducted as a Treasury Board Secretariat requirement for program renewal. The evaluation focused on the fiscal years from 2004–05 to 2008–09.

This document presents the findings and recommendations of the evaluation and is organized in the following way. In Section 2, background information on the program is provided. In Section 3, the purpose of the evaluation and the methodology employed are described. In Section 4, the evaluation’s findings are presented. Finally, the conclusions and recommendations are laid out in Section 5 and Section 6, respectively, and the management response in Section 7.

1 A consultant was contracted to conduct the evaluation.

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