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Supplementary Information Tables

Internal Audits and Evaluations

Internal Audit Table

Internal Audits (current reporting period)
Name of Internal AuditInternal Audit TypeStatusCompletion Date
Management of Additional Funding Received through Canada's Economic Action Plan - Part 2Financial ManagementCompletedDecember 2011
Risk ManagementRisk ManagementCompletedJanuary 2012
Governance of Information ManagementGovernance and Information ManagementCompletedJanuary 2012
Information Technology Financial ControlFinancial ControlCompletedJanuary 2012
Service to Marine TransportationFinancial ManagementCompletedMarch 2012
PeopleSoftInformation Systems and HR ManagementIn progressAugust 2012 (anticipated)
Grants and ContributionsFinancial ManagementIn progressSeptember 2012
Life Cycle Management of AssetsAsset ManagementIn progressDecember 2012 (anticipated)
Corporate Accountability and Administrative Renewal/Internal Control over Financial ReportingInformation Systems, Financial Management and Financial ReportingIn progressDecember 2012 (anticipated)
Capital Assets Maintenance and RenewalAsset ManagementIn progressMarch 2013 (anticipated)

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Evaluations Table

Evaluations (current reporting period)
Name of Evaluation*Program ActivityStatusCompletion Date**

* All approved 2011-2012 evaluation reports that were led by Environment Canada (EC) can be found here.

** Completion date refers to the date the report was approved by EC's Deputy Minister.  For interdepartmental evaluations, these dates may not reflect the date of approval from other departmental Deputy Heads.

*** Horizontal evaluations led by other federal departments can be found on the lead department's website. These include the following evaluations:

  • The Health of the Oceans Initiative, led by Fisheries and Oceans Canada
  • Regulatory Improvements for Major Resources Projects, led by Natural Resources Canada
  • The Government of Canada's Investment in the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Games, led by Canadian Heritage
  • The Chemicals Management Plan, led by Health Canada

**** The majority of the program spending under this Program Activity element is addressed in the Evaluation of the Clean Air Agenda: International ActionsTheme (2010) and the current Evaluation for Contributions for Canada's Share of the Commission for Environmental Cooperation Budget(noted in the table above). As a result, this evaluation focuses on the remaining spending which addresses EC's work under the Montreal Protocol.

Biodiversity Policy and PrioritiesBiodiversity - Wildlife and HabitatIn progressSeptember 2012 (anticipated)
Species at RiskBiodiversity - Wildlife and HabitatCompletedMay 2012
Migratory Birds ProgramBiodiversity - Wildlife and HabitatPostponedn/a
Protected Areas Program - PlanBiodiversity - Wildlife and HabitatCompletedn/a
Health of the Oceans Initiative ***Biodiversity - Wildlife and HabitatCompletedMay 2012
Advancing Conservation Interests in the Northwest Territories - PlanBiodiversity - Wildlife and HabitatCompletedn/a
Regulatory Improvements for Major Resource Projects **Sustainable EcosystemsCompletedFebruary 2012
Environmental Damages Fund PlanSustainable EcosystemsCompletedn/a
Action Plan on Clean Water Freshwater InitiativesSustainable EcosystemsCompletedNovember 2011
Government of Canada's Investment in the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Games **Weather and Environmental Services for CanadiansCompletedFebruary 2012
Services to Marine Transportation ProgramWeather and Environmental Services for Targeted UsersCompletedJuly 2011
Chemicals Management Plan **Substances and Waste ManagementCompletedNovember 2011
Waste Reduction and Management ProgramSubstances and Waste ManagementCompletedFebruary 2012
Contaminated Sites Program - PlanSubstances and Waste ManagementCompletedn/a
Transportation Sector EmissionsClimate Change and Clean AirIn progressSeptember 2012
Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) Pilot Project on Reducing Emissions from Vehicles and Engines (PPRE)Climate Change and Clean AirCompletedJuly 2011
National Vehicle Scrappage ProgramClimate Change and Clean AirCompletedJuly 2011
International Climate Change and Clean Air Partnerships Program (Montreal Protocol) ****Climate Change and Clean AirIn progressSeptember 2012
Contributions for Canada's Share of the Commission for Environmental Cooperation BudgetClimate Change and Clean AirIn progressSeptember 2012
Implementation of Performance Measurement Provisions of 2009 Federal Evaluation PolicyN/AOngoingN/A
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