Management Accountability Framework Assessments

Departmental Response to Round III (2005) Environment Canada Management Accountability Framework (MAF) Assessment

Environment Canada was pleased to review its Round III (2005) MAF Assessment and receive acknowledgement for the progress made to date in several key areas including audit and evaluation, human resources planning, strategic policy capacity and risk management. Considerable effort has been placed to improve our organizational structure and performance.

In Round III, TBS identified three key areas which require further improvement: Public Service Values, Quality of TB Submissions and Employment Equity. Environment Canada acknowledges the observations made and has taken steps to enhance its overall performance in these areas. Specifically, Environment Canada has established an office and work plan for Values & Ethics and has started to implement several activities including those to improve the monitoring of trends and employee views. In response to concerns surrounding the quality of Environment Canada's TB submissions, the department has made progress in creating new internal procedures for the development and timely delivery of submissions. Thirdly, the recruitment of visible minorities, both externally and for EX groups, continues to be a priority in our human resources plan.

The table below provides an overview of Environment Canada's Round III MAF Assessment along with Environment Canada's response.

The MAF assessment presents a comprehensive assessment of Environment Canada's overall organizational performance and Environment Canada is committed to using the MAF framework to identify priorities and implement action plans for management improvement throughout the organization.

Michael Horgan
Deputy Minister

MAF Round III Indicators

EC's Rating

Departmental Response

Public Service Values

LeadershipOpportunity for ImprovementDeveloped a three year action plan including program awareness activities, implementation of a values and ethics survey and monitoring/reporting system.
Organizational CultureAttention Required
Guidelines and RecourseAcceptable

Governance and Strategic Directions

Governance LegitimacyUnratedEnvironment Canada continues to develop its governance structure and performance information to meet requirements.
Governance StructureOpportunity for Improvement
Effective Planning FunctionOpportunity for Improvement
Horizontal InitiativesUnrated
Portfolio ManagementAcceptable

Policy and Programs

Policy FrameworkUnratedEnvironment Canada continues to increase its policy capacity and the linkages to operational requirements within the department and with other Federal Government Departments.
Strategic Policy CapacityAcceptable

Results and Performance

Evaluation FunctionOpportunity for ImprovementEnvironment Canada has increased its level of evaluation and maintained its current level of financial reporting. Environment Canada continues to enhance its performance information.
Financial ReportingAcceptable
Information and Decision-MakingOpportunity for Improvement
Performance ReportingOpportunity for Improvement

Learning, Innovation and Change Management

Innovation and Change ManagementUnratedCommunication of Environment Canada's organizational change management plan to employees continues to be a priority and an ongoing effort.
Organizational LearningUnrated

Risk Management

Legal Risk ManagementUnratedEnvironment Canada continues to develop its corporate risk management framework.


WorkplaceUnratedEnvironment Canada has maintained its effort towards achieving the targets set for each indicator including employment equity.
Employment EquityOpportunity for Improvement
HR PlanningAcceptable
Official Languages, language of workAverage
Performance ReviewAcceptable
Readiness forPublic Service Modernization Act(PSMA) ImplementationAcceptable


Capital AssetsAcceptableEnvironment Canada increased its audit capacity and continues to enhance its financial management capacity.
Financial AnalysisAcceptable
Information and IT ManagementAcceptable
Internal Audit FunctionAcceptable
Management of Transfer PaymentsAcceptable
Materiel ManagementAcceptable
Procurement and Contract ManagementAcceptable
Project ManagementAcceptable
Quality of Treasury Board (TB) submissionsAttention Required
Real PropertyAcceptable
Treasury Board (TB)conditionsAcceptable

Citizen-Focus Service

External Service delivery strategyOpportunity for ImprovementConsiderable efforts have been placed in developing service standards and in measuring client satisfaction.
Government-wide ServicesAcceptable
Official Languages for external Service DeliveryAverage
Service delivery and User FeesOpportunity for Improvement


Authorities and DelegationsAcceptableEnvironment Canada's results-based governance structure provides appropriate accountability mechanisms. Mandatory training was provided to all Environment Canada managers.
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