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Migratory Birds Convention Act, 1994

This Act and its complementary Regulations ensure the conservation of migratory bird populations by regulating potentially harmful human activities. A permit must be issued for all activities affecting migratory birds, with some exceptions detailed in the Regulations.

In the Migratory Birds Regulations, you will find the regulatory requirements regarding Migratory Bird Hunting, as well as those applicable to other activities related to migratory birds, including:

  • sale, gift or purchase
  • shipment
  • aviculture
  • taxidermy
  • activities involving birds causing damage or danger (e.g., agriculture)
  • activities involving overabundant species
  • activities at airports
  • activities for scientific research purposes
  • collection, possession, sale or trade of eiderdown
  • import of migratory bird species that are not indigenous to Canada

The Migratory Bird Sanctuary Regulations grant sanctuary status to areas that represent habitat that is important to migratory birds. These sanctuaries help protect the birds from hunting and all other disturbances while they are in breeding and other staging areas.

The following aspects of hunting are regulated by the Migratory Birds Regulations:

  • required permit;
  • possession limits;
  • hunting methods and equipment (weapon, type of shot, etc.);
  • retrieving birds that have been killed;
  • times during which hunting is permitted.

In addition, regulations regarding migratory bird hunting identify hunting areas, seasons, permitted species and the daily bag limit per species and per region. These regulations are revised and modified each year.

The Regulations ban all activities that are harmful to migratory birds, their eggs or their nests. However, some activities, such as hunting, may be practiced with the appropriate permit.

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