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St. Clair Energy Centre

(1) Name and address of proponent:
St. Clair Energy Centre, One South Wacher Drive, Suite 3030, Chicago, IL, 60606

(2) Latitude and longitude of proposed facility:
82o 3985' 02" N,   42o 8937' 22" W

(3) Distance to the Canada/U.S. border:
5 km

(4) Brief description of the proposed project (major products, process, capacity, etc):
The St. Clair Energy Centre Project is a 615 MW combined cycle natural gas fired electricity generating station. The facility will be equipped with two independent process trains, each consisting of a combustion turbine generator (with a gross capacity of 185 MW), a heat recovery steam generator (HRSG), including an auxiliary duct burner (maximum heat input of 350 MMBtu/h-HHV), and one steam turbine generator (nameplate capacity of 135 MW each. There will also be associated auxiliary equipment (space and unit heaters, a fuel heater, on-site storage tanks, etc.).

(5) For combustion processes, list capacity (tonnes/year), fuel type and grade:
Capacity: 745,663 tonnes/year (estimate based on reasonable wors-case operations) Fuel Type: Natural Gas Fuel Grade: Consumer

(6) Contact for technical and design information:
Mr. Andrew Flanagan,
Phone Number:  (312) 224-1400  
Fax Number:      (312) 224-1444

(7) Estimated annual quantities of the following pollutants released to the atmosphere (tonnes per year):

SO2 :           11
PM :            141
NOx :          1366
VOC :           209
CO :           668

NOx (equivalent to NO2) **Note these estimate include emission estimates from all natural gas combustion sources at site (combustion turbines, duct burners, fuel heater, space heaters, and unit heaters). Estimates also assume a worst-case operating scenario, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year.

(8) List hazardous air pollutants with emissions estimates (tonnes/year) for any hazardous pollutants with expected annual emission rates of greater than 1 tonne per year:
Benzene: 1.2 tonnes/yr Acrolein: 1.1 tonnes/yr Ethylbenzene: 5.6 tonnes/yr Hexane: 5.2 tonnes/yr Propane: 4.6 tonnes/yr Toluene: 22.6 tonnes/yr Acetaldehyde: 7.0 tonnes/yr Butane: 6.1 tonnes/yr Formaldehyde: 123.6 tonnes/yr Pentane: 7.5 tonnes/yr Propylene Oxide: 5.0 tonnes/yr Xylene: 11.1 tonnes/yr

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