Audit of Governance of Information Management

4 Management Response

Overall, CSB accepts the findings of this audit report. The action plan may be influenced by whole of government initiatives such as Administrative Services Review and Strategic and Operating Review.

Recommendation 1

Agreed. IM Directorate has already introduced a departmental IM Strategy which the IM Steering Committee has reviewed and endorsed, and we are currently presenting the Strategy to all branch management teams. The strategy will be presented to EMC for endorsement.

The IM Strategy is supported by a comprehensive communications plan. In addition to this plan, Corporate Services Branch has an IM Awareness Strategy near completion. This strategy aims at raising awareness of employees and managers with respect to their roles and responsibilities related to IM, as well as to the existence of the departmental IM Strategy and the need for them to align their IM decisions with the departmental orientation.

The successful implementation of this strategy requires engagement and collaboration, and dedicated resources from all EC Programs. This position is aligned with the Treasury Board Directive on Information Management Roles and Responsibilities. In order to ensure that the strategy supports achievement of the department’s operational and strategic objectives, Corporate Services Branch requires the contribution of Programs to the development of departmental infrastructures such as a file plan, common taxonomies, common repositories and catalogues, etc. IM Directorate will guide the implementation of the strategy but requires sufficient engagement and support from Programs to ensure success on this departmental effort.

Recommendation 2

Agreed. The current terms of reference stipulate that IMSC supports the DG of IM in aligning the IM program with business priorities. The committee is not intended to be directly involved in the day to day operations of programs.

The IMSC has been directly involved in the renewal of the departmental IM Strategy. It will also be involved in measuring progress of its implementation of the strategy. It will also play an important role in maintaining the engagement of programs throughout the implementation and it will continue to provide strategic support and guidance to the DG of IM.

Recommendation 3

Agreed. The IM Directorate is developing a comprehensive IM Awareness Strategy. This strategy addresses employees’ IM roles and responsibilities and explains existing IM services. Its existence is also a requirement of MAF IX reporting.

IM Directorate is currently planning awareness sessions for all employees. IMD has developed a partnership with other areas of the department (Intellectual Property Office, Access to Information and Privacy Office, IT Security) to deliver a comprehensive overview of IM related roles and responsibilities, including all the issues listed in this recommendation. We are already gathering and assessing all existing training and awareness material so we can provide an online catalogue of IM resources to all employees in the upcoming weeks. This catalogue will include learning and training resources as well as role based learning roadmaps.

The CIO will ensure that training material and sessions are available and publicized, and kept current. However, the responsibility of sending employees to these sessions or to use the existing IM resources stands with program managers.

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