Audit of Governance of Information Management

5 Conclusion

Overall, the audit team concludes that, while EC is making progress toward the effective management of information, there are opportunities to enhance EC’s IM governance framework.

We conclude that opportunities exist in the areas of IM corporate process and awareness. These include the opportunity to raise the profile of IM within the Department, to better leverage current governance structures (such as approval of the strategy document by the EMC), to build capacity where required and to better share resources dedicated to IM projects between programs and the IMD.

In relation to the TB Directive on Recordkeeping, the audit team concludes that, while progress is being made toward the implementation of this directive, some requirements have yet to be addressed and/or strengthened and that these outstanding requirements may pose a risk to the Department’s capacity to meet the Directive’s 2014 deadline for full implementation.

This audit also found that, although the IMD has developed useful guidelines and articulated IM best practices, in the absence of a broad-based adoption of accountabilities for IM by the branches and program areas, IM awareness remain uneven across the organization. As a result, we conclude that opportunities also exist for improvements in both information classification and the consistent use of IM tools across the department.

Finally, we conclude that some of the outstanding recommendations from prior audit work are still valid and that they still pose a threat to the efficient and effective operation of the Department.

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