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Evaluation of the National Vehicle Scrappage Program

Annex 2 Network of Regional NFP Delivery Organizations

Final Report

July 12, 2011

RegionNFPPrior Experience Delivering Scrappage InitiativesCall Centre Operator (1)
(1) Starting in June 2010, an overflow call centre came into operation to accept calls to the program outside of regular business hours and when local call centres were lacking capacity.
(2) After December 2010, program operations were taken over by the New Brunswick Lung Association.
NationalSICar HeavenGMI
BCBC Scrap-it SocietyHas been operating BC Scrap-it since 1996 / Received EC funding between 2000 and 2007Scrap-it Society
ABClimate Change CentralReceived EC funding between 2003 and 2007Climate Change Central
SKSaskatchewan Environmental SocietyNoneCanadian Diabetes Association
MBManitoba Lung AssociationReceived EC funding between 2003 and 2007Manitoba Lung Association
ONSICar HeavenOntario Automotive Recyclers Association
QCAQLPAReceived EC funding between 2003 and 2007AQLPA
NBNew Brunswick Lung AssociationReceived EC funding between 2007 and 2008Canadian Diabetes Association (centralized call centre for Atlantic provinces)
NSClean Nova ScotiaNone
NLNewfoundland and Labrabor Lung Association (2)None
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