Audit of Governance of Specialized IT Resources

May 2010

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Annex 4: Maturity Levels

Maturity Levels (Source: Gartner Inc., April 2006)


Description of Annex 4: Maturity Levels (Source: Gartner Inc., April 2006)

This untitled figure is identified as having Gartner as a source from April of 2006. It is a maturity model that Gartner developed to classify IT activities in an organization. It is made up of five boxes that appear as stairs ascending from left to right across the page, with each of the boxes labelled from Level 0 through Level 4 with level 0 being on the left and level four on the right.

Each box is attached to a bar that indicates what tools can be used to move from one maturity level to the next.

The first box (level 0) is entitled Chaotic and is characterized as having IT work that is Ad-hoc, undocumented and unpredictable and exhibited by having multiple help desks, minimal IT Operations and User call notification. The bar next to this box is entitled “tool leverage”.

The second box (level 1) is entitled Reactive and is characterized as an organization: that is fighting fires, but that has an inventory, desktop distribution of software, that has initiated a problem management process, that has alert and event management and that can measure component availability (identified as being up/down time). The bar next to this box is entitled “operational process engineering”.

The third box (level 2) is entitled Proactive and is characterized as an organization: that analyses trends, that sets thresholds, that predicts problems, that measures application availability, that automates and that has mature problem, configuration, change, asset and performance management processes. The bar next to this box is entitled “service delivery process engineering”.

The fourth box (level 3) is entitled Service and is characterized an organization: that sees IT as a service provider, that defines service classes and prices, that understands costs, that guarantees SLAs, that measures and reports service availability, that integrates processes and that demonstrates capacity management. The bar next to this box is entitled “Service Account Management”.

The fifth box (level 4) is entitled Value and is characterized an organization: has IT as a strategic business partner, that links IT and business metrics, where IT/business collaboration improves business processes, that exhibits a real-time infrastructure and that does business planning for IT services. The bar next to this box is entitled “Manage IT as a business”.


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