The following reports were completed in 2015-2016:

Audit Reports:

  • Fraud Risk Assessment and Governance Review (HTML) (PDF: 520 KB)
  • Audit of External Reporting on Performance (HTML) (PDF: 540 KB)
  • System Under Development Review of the Departmental Financial Management System Renewal Project (HTML) (PDF: 547 KB)
  • Review and Benchmarking of Privacy Management (HTML) (PDF: 670 KB)

Evaluation Reports:

  • Evaluation of the Clean Air Agenda’s International Actions Theme (HTML) (PDF: 515 KB)
  • Evaluation of the Weather Observations, Forecasts and Warnings (Sub-program 2.1.1) (HTML) (PDF: 547 KB)
  • Evaluation of Canada’s Clean Air Regulatory Agenda (CARA) (HTML) (PDF: 851 KB)
  • Evaluation of Environmental Technology (Sub Program 3.2.3) (HTML) (PDF: 252 KB)
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