Audit of Governance of Information Management

Annex A – Audit Criteria

Criteria 1: IM Gouvernance

1.1 EC IM governance (i.e., management accountability for IM, governance committees, the IM strategic plan, roles and responsibilities, and linkage to GoC-wide IM strategy) supports strong IM corporate processes and awareness.

Criteria 2: Recordkeeping and Disposition

2.1 The Department is compliant with the TBS Directive on Recordkeeping and related aspects of the Library and Archives of Canada Act.

Criteria 3: Information Classification

3.1 IM processes related to classification of information meet the needs of EC in relation to the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information.

Criteria 4: Tools and Processes

4.1 IM tools and processes facilitate EC’s operational and administrative requirements. 

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