The following reports were completed in 2011-2012:

Audit Reports:

  • Review of Financial Information, Services to Marine Transportation (HTML) - (MS Word)
  • Audit Update of the Economic Action Plan Funding for 2010-2011 (HTML) - (MS Word)
  • Follow-up Audit of Finance and Corporate Branch's IT Controls over Financial Systems (HTML) - (MS Word)
  • Audit of Governance of Information Management (HTML) - (MS Word)
  • Audit of Risk Management (HTML) - (MS Word)

The following reports were completed in 2011-2012:

Evaluation Reports:

  • Evaluation of Freshwater Programs under the Action Plan for Clean Water (HTML) - (MS Word)
  • Evaluation of Waste Reduction and Management (HTML) - (MS Word)
  • Evaluation of the National Vehicle Scrappage Program (HTML) - (MS Word)
  • Evaluation of the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP) Pilot Project on Reducing Emissions from Vehicles and Engines (PPRE) (HTML) - (MS Word)
  • Evaluation of the Services to Marine Transportation Sub-activity (HTML) - (MS Word)
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