The following reports were completed in 2014-2015:

Audit Reports:

  • Review of Information Technology Service Delivery (HTML) (PDF: 554 KB)

In addition, the Audit and Evaluation Branch completed and submitted a number of interim reports to the External Audit Advisory Committee in 2014-15, which were formally approved the next year. These included: 2 Systems Under Development interim review reports of the Departmental Financial Management System Renewal project; a report on Fraud Risk Assessment; a report on Benchmarking of Privacy Management; and, an audit report on External Reporting on Performance.

Evaluation Reports:

The following reports were completed in 2014-2015:

  • Evaluation of the Community Ecosystem Partnerships Program (HTML) (PDF: 307 KB)
  • Evaluation of the Environmental Damages Fund (EDF) (HTML) (PDF: 362 KB)
  • Evaluation of Water Resource Management and Use (Sub-program 1.2.2) (HTML) (PDF: 278 KB)
  • Evaluation of Canada’s Provision of Meteorological Warning Services for Defined Regions of the Arctic Ocean (METAREA Initiative) (HTML) (PDF: 564 KB)
  • Evaluation of the Hydrological Service and Water Survey (HTML) (PDF: 760 KB)
  • Evaluation of the Protected Areas Program (HTML) (PDF: 725 KB)
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