Audit of Governance of Information Management

3 Recommendations

  1. The CIO should finalize the revisions to the corporate IM strategy: to leverage existing governance structures and communications mechanisms; to manage our information in line with the latest TB Policy and Directives; and to do so in such a way that addresses the findings of previous audits and reviews. The CIO should have this revised strategy approved by the Executive Management Committee (EMC) to ensure that it is appropriately resourced, implemented and supported. The revised strategy should include a formal reporting mechanism for the implementation status.
  2. The CIO should ensure that the mandate and operating procedures of the IM Steering Committee are clear and in line with the roles established for them in the IM strategic plan.
  3. The CIO should develop an IM communications/learning plan to raise awareness of IM roles and responsibilities throughout the Department, including the responsibilities for proper classification and management and disposal of information. 

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