Migratory birds

Conservation, research, regulations, monitoring and permits relating to migratory birds.

Services and information

Migratory bird permits

Permits, application forms, bird hunting, bird banding, other bird permits, service standards.

Legal protection

Acts and regulations, list of protected species, enforcement.

Conservation actions

Partnerships, programs, priorities, nuisance species, bird conservation regions, strategies.


Hunting permits, conservation stamps, hunting regulations, avian influenza.

Bird banding

Report banded birds, permits, Canadian Atlas of Bird Banding, Pan American Shorebird Program.

Status of birds in Canada

Bird species information, statistics, methods, population status, Canadian Wildlife Service.

Bird surveys

Surveys, landbirds, waterfowl, shorebirds, seabirds, inland waterbirds.

Avoiding harm to migratory birds

Risk factors, guidelines, management practices.

Celebrating 100 years of bird conservation

History, Migratory Birds Convention, tips to protect birds.


Environmental, wildlife, offenders registry, resource centre, enforcement branch.

Migratory birds in the Arctic

Key habitats, terrestrial and marine sites, susceptibilities, sensitivity ranking, mitigation.

Migratory birds overview

Convention Act, ecological benefits, State of Canada’s Birds 2012, species at risk, conservation.

What we are doing

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