Winter Holidays and UV

Using a beach umbrella for shade on the beach

Heading south for a winter vacation? Be careful-- winter sun vacations in the Caribbean, Mexico, Hawaii and other tropical destinations bring you closer to the equator, where UV is stronger. Wintertime UV in the tropics can be as strong as UV in Canada in July. On vacation you'll also likely wear fewer clothes and visit the beach, where UV reflects off the sand.

Skiing and other outdoor winter fun can also increase your exposure to UV. Reflection off fresh snow nearly doubles UV, and if you are skiing in the mountains, you will receive more UV due to the elevation. Likewise, activities such as mountain biking or hiking in the mountains will also expose you to more UV rays because of the elevation.

World UV Forecast

Going on a trip? Then consult the links to UV forecasts from various countries around the world.

This table provides links to UV forecasts from various countries around the world
CountryMeteorological ServiceLanguage
AustraliaAustralian Bureau of MeteorologyEnglish
CanadaEnvironment CanadaEnglish
ChinaChinese Meteorological AssociationChinese
EuropeUnited Kingdom Met OfficeEnglish
France & Cities World WideSoleil InfoFrench
New ZealandNIWAEnglish
PortugalInstituto de MeteorologiaPortuguese
United KingdomMet OfficeEnglish
United StatesEnvironmental Protection AgencyEnglish
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