How to get your UV Index

Looking for your Ultraviolet (UV) Index forecast? It is available in a daily bulletin format, with values ranging from 0 to 11+ being reported for locations across Canada.

If the UV Index forecast indicates that the maximum UV Index value for the day is expected to reach 3 or greater then it is also included in Environment Canada's local daily weather forecast.

Environment Canada issues local weather forecasts three times daily at 5:00 a.m., 11:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. (local time).  Forecasts are amended hourly if there are changes in cloud cover that affect UV values.  Daily local weather forecasts can be retrieved for Canadian locations at

How to get your UV Forecast from the daily weather forecast

When you go to Environment Canada's website, choose your location from the “Current Conditions” map or the “Weather” tab on the top left menu.   

On your City Page, you will first see the "Current Conditions" Box, which  contains hourly meteorological observations.  Under the Current Conditions, you will find the "Forecast" Box.  Here you will find the maximum UV forecast for the day in the text description under the word Today (for today's forecast), when the UV forecast is 3 or higher. An example of what this looks like is shown below. The red arrows show you where to look for the daily UV maximum in today's forecast value.

Sample of where to find UV forecast on city page.

In addition, Environment Canada provides a Seasonal UV Outlook that is issued at the beginning of April each year for the late spring and summer seasons. It is during this time period that UV values are at their maximum levels in Canada, and Canadians are at greatest risk from the harmful effects of UV radiation.

Environment Canada also provides a chart of typical summer midday UV values for various Canadian and U.S. locations, and a list of websites where you can check for international UV forecast values if you are planning on travelling.

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