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Comprehensive Listing of Substances that are Subject to the Significant New Activity Provisions

Section 6: confidential inventory of significant new activity notices for new substances that are organisms or micro-organisms

This section contains the list of organisms and micro-organisms with a confidential accession number, notified under the new substances notification regulations (organisms) and subject to a SNAc notice.

Confidential inventory of SNAc notices for new substances that are organisms or micro-organisms
Identifier No.Substance nameListFlagPublication referenceLatest publication date
16873-7Modified YeastSNAcNoCanada Gazette, Part I: Vol. 138, No. 82004-02-21
17486-8Thiobacillus W5 consortiumSNAcNoCanada Gazette, Part I: Vol. 136, No. 482002-11-30
17785-1Shewanella putrefaciens strain AB3-01SNAcNoCanada Gazette, Part I: Vol. 138, No. 22004-01-10
17801-8YeastSNAcNoCanada Gazette, Part I: Vol. 141, No. 112007-03-17
-the Cassie line of transgenic Sus scrofa domesticaSNAcNoCanada Gazette, Part I: Vol. 144, No. 82010-02-20
-Pichia species strainSNAcSCanada Gazette, Part I: Vol. 148, No. 32014-01-18


  • The "S" flag: The letter "S" after a substance identifier indicates that the SNAc provisions of the Act apply to the substance (see the list of SNAcs).
  • "No": The word "No" indicates that the substance is not specified on the DSL but it is subject to a SNAc.


  • SNAc: Significant New Activity
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