Status of Birds in Canada

Status of Priority Landbird Species

Understanding the current status of priority landbird populations is a critical tool for their conservation, especially when combined with information on how these populations have changed over the last 40 years. This web section presents an assessment of the current population status and trend for a selection of species that are viewed as conservation priorities in Canada.

Priority species covered on this site include those listed by Partners in Flight either because they are of conservation concern or because a large portion of their global range is in North America, resulting in high stewardship responsibility. Also included are landbirds within the aerial-foraging insectivore guild, many of which are showing widespread declines in Canada. Many of these species are identified as priorities in Environment Canada’s Bird Conservation Plans.

By synthesizing information stemming from Canada’s multiple population monitoring programs, this web section identifies the current status of these species, identifies some of their conservation needs and provides a mechanism to track the success of ongoing and proposed conservation actions for these species, including progress towards meeting the objectives of Bird Conservation Plans.

Environment Canada is committed to working with partners, both within Canada and internationally, to help maintain diversity and abundance of migratory birds in Canada. Annual updates of this site will also help track progress in how well priority species are monitored in Canada. Later iterations of this web section will include assessments for all birds known to breed in Canada.

Data on which these assessments are based were largely provided by the many volunteers who generously donate their time and expertise to bird monitoring programs throughout North America.