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Board of Directors of Waveblock International and Board of Directors (ex officio) of the Alliance for Marine Remote Sensing (AMRS)

Invited member of the International Ocean Color Coordinating Group (IOCCG)

Held adjunct professorships at six North American Universities


NASA Achievement Award for solar flare and interplanetary magnetic field research studies from cosmic ray detectors aboard the Pioneers 6-9 deep-space probe missions

Double winner and double runner-up to the Chandler-Misener Award presented by the International Association for Great Lakes Research

B.Sc. Engineering Physics, M.Sc. Nuclear Physics, Ph.D. Cosmic Ray and Mathematical Physics - University of Manitoba


Robert Peter Bukata

Research Scientist - Aquatic Optics and Remote Sensing

CURRENT S&T / RESEARCH - Developing satellite-derived water quality products of benefit to aquatic science, water quality monitoring, environmental stewardship, and sensible inland water policymaking

  • Bio-geo-optical models and algorithms to extract water quality information from the radiometric colour of optically-complex inland waters
  • Water colour models/methodologies to estimate co-existing concentrations of chlorophyll, suspended sediments, and dissolved organic matter (from archival data and data from current and planned satellite sensors)
  • Principal Investigator of the Canadian Space Agency's GRIP project "Generating Satellite Products for Recording Changes in Water Quality and Monitoring of Harmful Algae in the Lower Great Lakes and Fluvial Lake Regions of the St. Lawrence River"
  • Working with the Canadian Space Agency and other academic and private sector partners to advance awareness of remote sensing as a valuable tool with multiple applications including environmental monitoring of Canadian water resources
  • Working with the private sector to apply novel approaches to shoreline protection and beach regeneration


Studied anisotropies in the arrival directions of solar and galactic cosmic ray particles at the Earth's orbit both from ground-based and solar-orbiting NASA vehicles to discover a source of high energy radiation in the constellation Aquila and to conceptualize a filamentary microstructure model of the solar magnetic field

With William S. Haras designed and installed, in 1987, a modular wave dissipation and sand deposition structure that recovered and then protected the long-defunct southern Lake Huron beach near Sarnia and in 1994 recovered/protected a defunct beach on the Polish coastline of the Baltic Sea near Kolobrzeg

Canadian Space Agency - membership on various committees and working groups, e.g., Interdepartmental Committee on Space, Task Force on Canada's Space Vision (2020), Earth Observation Applications Development Program, Remote Sensing Strategies Team, Canadian Hyperspectral Users and Science Advisory Team, others

Invited active and productive scientific contributions to Canadian Bilateral Environmental Agreements with Russia (aquatic spectro-optics), with Australia (satellite monitoring of inland and coastal water quality), and with Germany (aquatic impacts of fluctuating levels of stratospheric ozone)


Bukata., R.P. 2005. Satellite Monitoring of Inland and Coastal Water Quality: Retrospection, Introspection, Future Directions. Taylor & Francis/CRC Press, 263 pp., solicited monograph by Taylor & Francis, UK.

Bukata, R.P., J.H. Jerome, K.Y. Kondratyev and D.V. Pozdnyakov. 1995. Optical Properties and Remote Sensing of Inland and Coastal Waters. CRC Press, Boca Raton, FA. 371 pp., solicited textbook by CRC Press - used as a prescribed or recommended text/resource at academic institutes in Canada, USA, UK, Europe, Asia, South America, and Australia, as well as by commercial companies.

Binding, C.E., J.H. Jerome, R.P. Bukata and W.G. Booty. 2007. Trends in Water Clarity of the Lower Great Lakes from Remotely Sensed Aquatic Color. Journal of Great Lakes Research. 33:828-841.

Bukata, R.P., C.E. Binding, J.H. Jerome, W.G. Booty and J. Lawrence. 2008. A Wealth of Water; Wise Management of Watersheds, Lakes and River Systems. NWRI Contribution #08-266, 49 pp. Final Report of the 5-year CSA-sponsored GRIP project that Bukata led and the NWRI optics team designed and successfully executed.

Bukata, R.P., J.H. Jerome, G.A. Borstad, L.N. Brown and J.F.R. Gower. 2004. Mitigating the Impacts of Trans-spectral Processes on Multivariate Retrieval of Water Quality Parameters for Case 2 Waters. Canadian Journal of Remote Sensing. 30:8-16.

Binding, C.E., J.H. Jerome, R.P. Bukata and W.G. Booty. 2007. Spectral Absorption Properties of Dissolved and Particulate Matter in Lake Erie. Remote Sensing of Environment. 112:1702-1711.

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Nature & Wildlife
     Ecosystems & Habitats
          Riparian (shoreline) habitats
          Satellite remote sensing
          Inland waters
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