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Member of CMOS, CGU and AMS


Ph.D. Physics, University of Toronto, 1991


Kit K. Szeto

Research Scientist - Research on regional climate processes and drought dynamics

CURRENT S&T / RESEARCH - Contributing to improved understanding and prediction of regional climate variability and change, particularly climate extremes such as drought, in Canada

  • Studying drought dynamics
  • Modelling and diagnostics of regional climate variability and extremes
  • Regional water and energy cycling and budget assessments


Serving on committees and working groups of science programs (e.g., member of the Drought Research Initiative (DRI) Science Committee, member of the GEWEX/CEOP Water and Energy Budget Study (WEBS) and Extremes working groups)

Conference, Workshop and session organization (e.g. co-convener of the Northern Climate Properties and Trends Session at the 2004 Joint CMOS-AGU-CGU Assembly in Montreal)


Szeto, K.K. 2008. On the extreme variability and change of cold-season temperatures in northwest Canada. J. Climate. 21: 94-113.

Szeto, K.K., R.E. Stewart, M.K. Yau and J. Gyakum. 2007. Northern Tales: A synthesis of MAGS atmospheric and hydrometeorological research. Bull. Amer. Met. Soc. 88:1411-1425.

Liu J., R.E. Stewart and K.K. Szeto. 2004. Moisture transport and other hydrometeorological features associated with the severe 2001 drought over the Canadian Prairies. J. Climate. 17:305–319.

Woo, M.K., R. Thorne and K. Szeto. 2006. Reinterpretation of streamflow trends based on shifts in large-scale atmospheric circulation. Hydrological Processes. 20:3995-4003.

Szeto, K.K. 2007. Assessing Water and Energy Budgets for the Saskatchewan River Basin. J. Met. Soc. Jap. 85A:167-186.

Szeto, K.K. 2002. Moisture recycling over the Mackenzie Basin. Atmos.-Ocean. 40:181-197.

Expertise Categories associated with this S&T Expert:

     Climate Change and Processes
          Severe weather
          Trends and variability
     Climate Modelling
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