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Environment Canada Citation of Excellence: Teamwork, Partnering and Collaboration for Canada's Industrial Air Emissions Regulatory Framework

M.Sc. (Particulate Matter and the contribution of the transportation sector to poor air quality in Toronto), University of Toronto

Bachelor of Environmental Science, McMaster University


Carrie Lillyman

Senior Air Quality Science Advisor - Particulate Matter and Ozone

CURRENT S&T / RESEARCH - Contribute to Environment Canada's strategic outcome to protect Canadians and their environment from effects from pollution and waste

  • Environment Canada lead, 2008 Smog Science Assessment coordination (in partnership with Health Canada)
  • National Agri-Environmental Standards Initiative (NAESI) lead for Air Theme, to produce a set of environmental performance standards for agriculturally-produced ammonia (includes publication of 2008 Ammonia Science Assessment)
  • Science advice and support, Government of Canada's Clean Air Regulatory Agenda (includes development of Ambient Standards for Particulate Matter and Ozone)
  • Science support, Particulate Matter Annex to the Canada-U.S. Air Quality Agreement and United Nations Economic Commission for Europe's Expert Group on Particulate Matter


Member, PM & Ozone CWS Review Coordinating Committee (PMORCC) to review the Canada-wide Standards for Particulate Matter and Ozone


Brook, J., Q. Chiotti and C. Lillyman. 2007. Integrated multipollutant air quality management: A Canadian perspective. Environmental Management 34-37

Canada-U.S. Subcommittee on Scientific Co-operation. 2004. The Canada-U.S. Transboundary Particulate Matter Science Assessment. Available online.

De Kimpe, C. and C. Lillyman. 2003. Report of the 1st Workshop on the Science of Agriculturally Produced Gas-phase Ammonia. Agriculture and Agri-food Canada and Environment Canada. 30pp.

Gough, W. A., C. Lillyman, J. Karagatzides and L. Tsuji. 2002. Determining the Validity of using Summer Monitoring to Estimate Annual Deposition of Acidic Pollutants in Southern Ontario, Canada. Water, Air and Soil Pollution 137(1/4): 305-316.

Brook, J.R., C.D. Lillyman, M.F. Shepherd and A. Mamedov. 2002. Long-range Transport and Local Influences on Fine Particle Concentrations in southeastern Canada. Journal of the Air and Waste Management Association 52(7): 855-866.

Selected conferences: Stakeholder Smog Science Workshop (2001, 2005); Federal/Provincial Environment Canada AQI Workshop (2002); Smog Stakeholder Meetings (2002, 2004); Coarse PM CWS Stakeholder Meeting (2003); CMOS Congress Special Session on Air Quality Invited Speaker (2003); Panel on Energy Research and Development Particles POL Guest Speaker (2005).

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     Air Pollution & Quality
          Particulate matter
Environmental Policy
     Policy Development
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