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Candian Meteorological Centre (Dorval, QC)

Adjunct Professor, Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, McGill University


Fellow, Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society

President’s Prize (2002), Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society

Lin et al. (2002, Geophys. Res. Lett.) article on the 1996 Saguenay flood was selected by AGU Editors as an “AGU Journal Highlight” with figure appearing on the issue cover.


Charles A. Lin

Director General - Atmospheric Science and Technology Directorate (ASTD)

CURRENT S&T / RESEARCH - Provide leadership in weather, climate, air quality, impacts and adaptation science that supports weather and environmental prediction and services, and informs policy

  • Weather science includes R&D on numerical weather prediction models, data assimilation, severe weather and their forecast, surface and space-based remote sensing, coupled modelling, to support weather and environmental prediction and services
  • Air quality science includes R&D on stratospheric ozone, smog, toxic chemicals, long-range transport of airborne pollutants, and chemical climate, to develop air quality services and support environmental policy
  • Climate research program includes modelling, measurement and analysis, to significantly advance the understanding of the climate system and its driving processes, and to provide decision-makers and Canadians with useful information on future climates as well as on the state of the present climate and its variability
  • Impacts and adaptation research aims to advance the understanding of the impacts of atmospheric change and adapting to their effects on the environment, economy and society, such as climate and climate change, acid precipitation, smog, UV radiation, and extreme events
  • Personal research on modelling of floods and droughts, and analysis of model simulated precipitation and comparison with values retrieved from rain gauges and radars


Provides leadership on EC initiatives such as integrated monitoring and environmental prediction, a strategic direction of the EC Science Plan, and inter-departmental initiatives such as the Northern Strategy

Represents Canada on international scientific organisations (e.g., Inter-American Institute for Global Change Research; Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, International Association for Meteorology and Atmospheric Sciences), and partnerships (e.g., World Meteorological Organisation, US University Corporation for Atmospheric Research)

Collaborate with the Canadian academic community on research and training issues of mutual interest, for example, through the annual University Heads and Chairs meeting and outreach activities

Member of Board of Directors of several research networks (Arctic Net, C-SPARC, GOAPP) supported by the Canadian Foundation on Climate and Atmospheric Sciences


Vasic, V., C. A. Lin, I. Zawadzki, O. Bousquet and D. Chaumont. 2007. Evaluation of precipitation from numerical weather prediction models and satellites using values retrieved from radars. Mon. Wea. Rev. 135(11):3750-3766.

Wen, L., Z. Wu, G. Lu, C.A. Lin, J. Zhang and Y. Yang. 2007. Analysis and Improvement of Runoff Generation in the Land Surface Scheme CLASS and Comparison with Field Measurements from China. J. Hydrology. 345:1-15.

Wu, Z., G. Lu, L. Wen, C.A. Lin, J. Zhang and Y. Yang. 2007. Thirty-five years (1971-2005) of daily soil moisture simulation using the Variable Infiltration Capacity model over China. Atmosphere-Ocean. 45(1):37-45.

Bousquet, O., C.A. Lin and I. Zawadzki. 2006. Analysis of scale dependence of quantitative precipitation forecast verification. Quart. J. Roy. Met. Soc. 132 (620):2107-2125.

Roberts, E., R.E. Stewart and C.A. Lin. 2006. A study of drought characteristics over the Canadian Prairies. Atmosphere-Ocean. 44(4):331-345.

Lin, C.A., S. Vasic, A. Kilambi, B. Turner and I. Zawadzki. 2005. Precipitation forecast skill of numerical weather prediction models and radar nowcasts. Geophys. Res. Lett. 32:L14801.

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